Quality and Safety

We are completely committed to having the highest standards of quality within our company. For us, quality is not just a tick box exercise but an attitude that runs throughout the business.

For example, M1's business/quality management system first gained ISO 9001 certification in 1992, and has been continuously developed since then.

Any quality issue is given clear ownership within the company and all employees are supported by dedicated independent quality personnel.

We also utilize our team-based approach to improve quality.

Each order placed on manufacturing has its own separate Quality Plan which in turn controls each step of the manufacturing process

All this is backed up by continuous personal development via an ongoing internal quality training programme.


Nothing is as important as the safety of our employees and products. That is why we have comprehensive safety policies and a rigorous risk assessment programme, high levels of employee involvement in safety matters, an independent qualified Health and Safety Officer, targets and performance levels benchmarked against national Health and Safety Executive standards, and ongoing company-wide training to achieve our health and safety objectives.